4: Peter Himmelman: How to Unlock Creativity and Conquer Your Fear

peter-himmelmanPeter Himmelman is an American Rockstar who has led an extensive solo career where he was signed by Island Records, featured on mtv, and grammy nominated while meeting the Lubavitcher Rebbe and becoming a Chassidic Jew. Himmelman is also the founder of Big Muse, a company which helps individuals and organizations such as McDonalds and Gap unlock their creativity potential by increasing innovative thinking, team building, and leadership ability. Listen to the episode the following ways:


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Basketball Guru Turned Chassidic Jew





Favorite Principle

“I Would Invite A Little More Chaos In For The Sake Of Getting Closer To Something Essential”

Takeaway Thoughts

1) What Judging Everyone Favorably Means

Not holding presumed assumptions about what others are thinking.

Not living life based on assumptions that we create in our mind.

All we can do is have conversations with each other.

If you are judging favorably it could mean that you have the problem, which is hard to hear, but ultimately will bring about change through the hard work.

2) How to Find Meaning In Everything

Things lose their meaning so quickly, so we must be creative and constantly discover new meaning in them.

Spend a little extra time thinking about an idea that you like.

Find times and places in your life that an inspirational idea you have thought about can change you and the experience that you have.

New insights do not last forever and that means that we have to learn new things to continue to add depth to ourselves.

3) The Deep Wonder That Is In The Mundane World

Chabad Chassidus teaches that there is something greater and deeper within everything physical.

Creation is wondrous creativity made by God and something that is worth some time to spend meditating with.

We can make moments simply for the sake of creating more and making them more beautiful every time.

4) The Battle Between Chasing Fame And Starting A Family 

The highest value in things shifted when God came into his life.

The desire to be on the road playing shows wained after getting married.

The life that others were living was not making sense to him.

Going for quantity never leaves anyone with the sense of arrival or satisfaction because it is always going to be about more or what is next.

Creativity became a centerpiece and area of expertise in the corporate world.

5) The Lubavitcher Rebbe Made You Feel That Things Were Possible And Hopeful

You can break things that you need or want to do into all of the steps whether big or small into things that you can will yourself through with creativity.

Simon Jacobson said that the Rebbe is like a grandpa and that what we have to understand about a Tzaddik is that there is no sense of self in the way that we understand it.

Judaism is not a religion – it is just life which itself is a wondrous thing.

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The Big Muse

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