Matisyahu goren interviews mayer gniwisch about what it means to serve god and build real wealth.

Mayer Gniwisch: How to Build Real Wealth

This week I interviewed Mayer Gniwisch.

I met him when I was a student at Mayanot Institute in Jerusalem.

Have you ever wondered: how can I be a religious Jew and be successful, what does it mean to be truly wealthy, and how do you do it?

I totally have too.

When I was in Mayanot, everything to me was about my spiritual development.

However, the entrepreneurial side of me was itching to understand my future even though I was totally immersed in Israel.

Mayer’s message is one that will truly inspire you to realize that just like everything in The Long Short Way – building real wealth, too, is very close for you to do.

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  • Yosef N Devorah Romano

    Great podcast. Learnt a lot!
    Looking forward to checking out other episodes

  • matisyahu goren


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  • matisyahu goren

    Thanks Yosef!

    What are 2 things that you learned?

  • Karine Attar

    So inspiring!