Manis Friedman answers questions about what Donald Trump means for America and the world on The Long Short Way with Matisyahu Goren.

Manis Friedman: Now That Donald Trump has Won

(Pittsburgh, Pa) 11/9/2016 by Matisyahu Goren

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America did not expect this.

People thought it was not possible for him to win.

People are calling Trump a monster.

He is getting compared to hitler.

Kids have been told all of these things and parents do not know what to tell their children now, or how to explain this.

Donald Trump said that he thanks the Clintons for their service to the country just after all of this time spent on bashing her.

Citizens are allowing the drama to take over their lives.

What are people supposed to do about it?

I am Matisyahu Goren and my job as the director of The Long Short Way Podcast and Programming is to interview experts about what we need to do.

These experts are thinking through the lenses that in the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth and the purpose of the world is to bring him back home and make this world a place that can do that.

Rabbi Manis Friedman supports this mission.

He shares what he wants Donald Trump to know and answers these questions amongst others:

Is Donald Trump like hitler?

What Donald Trump winning means for America.


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  • BeaD

    Trump grew up Christian, yet his three grandchildren are JEWS. Their mother is his beloved daughter, whom he loves and respects more than any other person alive. She has the greatest influence over him. She, Yael (Ivanka) has converted from Presbyterian into the LIFE of Torah. Trump is Trump yet Yael coaches her dad or polishes her dad for the world’s eye and he listens to her because he trusts her wisdom. Donald Trumps comment of being grateful for the Clinton role in our countries history was not a lie or false statement made to be politically correct; it was a very JEWISH and insightful statement. Should we hate/reject Esau or his son Ameleck or should we see the GOOD/TOV reason Hashem created them, picked them for those moments in TIME? Torah tells us that the Lord is in control and that we can rest in ALL knowing, because we trust that His love is steadfast and He is our pleasure and safety. The Clintons added something to our nations history that no one else could. We need to give thanks for their role in our government and in His world. Donald spoke a wonderful truth: he spoke the heart of Torah yet you see him as a hypocrite or two faced. If a Jew would have said that, you might have looked for the wisdom in that odd saying but when a goy says something odd, the Jew seldom looks for the wisdom due to their elitist attitudes. Diminish yourselves and look for the good in all creation because Hashem is His Creation. We have no idea what kind of president Trump will be but that is nothing different than we had with all our presidents. But for the first time, in decades, we have a striking newness that the Lord has worked into place. Hillary was like Jezebel, Bill like Ahab and the Donald could be seen a Yehu who cut off the fingers leaving only open empty palms of the Clinton role. Now we have to hope that Donald, if he is indeed like Yehu, will do only what G-d commands and doesn’t become a zealot. Today and tomorrow is in the bible, you have to look and watch for HIS STORY to repeat itself so we can see and can trust because this has been done before and perhaps this time TIME will be corrected. Been there, done that… Ah Mahn

  • matisyahu goren

    Thanks so much for writing in!

    We are confident that the world is going to be great!