manis friedman and matisyahu goren on the long short way talking about passover.

9: Manis Friedman: How to Heal and Bring the World Together



Favorite Principle

 “The Key To Bringing The World Together Is Our Relationships”

This episode was extremely important to me.

6 years ago I went to a program that Manis was teaching at in Miami.

My life was changed forever.

It is the way that he is able to converse about G-d and how real he is to Manis.

It was like everything is so obvious and clear, but even more importantly doable.

So where did it take me in my life?

I returned home and listened to Manis for around 3 hours a day on

My life became an inspired one.

The thoughts of good prevailing and the impossible being possible were at the forefront of my mind.

Everyone around my life felt the change and started changing.

The players who I coached got a lot better, people I worked with became inspired, and I got close with my family for the first time.

I was able to make decisions with faith.

Able to live with the fear that I used to have that kept me wanting to be comfortable.

My desire became whatever it is that G-d desired.

I realized I do not know anything and that I make for a great student.

Learning became everything for me.

It is why I started this Podcast.

To compile expert information in an age when everyone wants to be an expert.

I see the affect of making for my self a mentor and becoming smaller has on my life and because of Manis’ influence I have dedicated my entire life to proving the opportunity and platform for others to do the same.

With love,


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  • yonah lipman

    Wow! Such awesome wisdom! Manis Friedman is wonderful to listen to. Seriously a treat to hear! Thank you so much!

  • BeaD

    Thank you. I love listening to Manis Friedman because its complete TORAH common sense which is rare and not at all common anymore: if ever at all. I hope you will bring Manis Friedman back and talk about his suggested topics. I do hope that it will not be a $400 out of pocket cost though… did that once and never again. Torah should not come at a cost; we are suppose to buy it for free. B”H Again, wonderful and inspiring as always.

  • matisyahu goren


    We are so excited about the opportunity to host him.

    Stay tuned for more and watch some of our free trainings.

  • matisyahu goren

    Thank you Yonah!

    What did you think of the other episodes?