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118: Matisyahu Goren: Crushing the One Silent Killer Of Your Mission

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Everything seems like a system today.
In America you have high school > college > go work.
In religious Judaism you have high school > Yeshiva > get married.
So many people, especially I see it here as a consultant to Robotics companies, are fearful what happens if we let machines take our people’s jobs.
I have a strong and bold statement.
If a Robot can take an able bodied human’s job, it is not a job the human should be satisfied with.
The people that I saw in the factories of places I was trying to bring Robots into, which is a nice way of saying replace workers, felt more robotic than the robots themselves.

Would it surprise some of you if I shared that by being an inspiring guy who became religious, I have counseled over 50 men this year alone who grew up religious, and within a talk with me felt more empowered and connected to God than ever?

How to Win Friends and Influence People rule number one is people do not like being criticized or being told what to do.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In college, a nationally respected business undergrad school, I never heard of digital marketing. Not facebook ads, not content marketing, nothing.

Yet, in my third year out of Yeshiva, I ​​do not rely or even use anything that my college teachers taught me.

Why am I saying this?

What do you think?

As a basketball coach, I taught people that are pros today, who were told they were not ‘shit’ when they were younger, that they were everything, they were special, they can be the best version of themselves.

Today, I drop this episode to help people wrestle with their past, whether it be an experience or relationship.

Maybe you have been divorced. Maybe you had cancer. Maybe your parents got divorced. Maybe you hated God because of Yeshiva. Maybe you have never been physically fit. Maybe someone screwed you over financially.

The way most people see it is that you should drop it and move on.

The way I see it is that God put you there for a reason and right here/ right now, get on the floor and wrestle with it, but walk a way a champion.

What is the victory?

Walking away giving it a meaning that you can take with you forever.

For some people that is they went through being told they sucked so they could become a pro baller and share their story.

For some people they can say they went through a divorce to share with people what to look out for before they get married.

What is it for you?

In this episode I am going to teach you the secret of Champions.

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