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84: Matisyahu Goren: How To Succeed As An Adult In Fitness (Chapter 6 of Audio Book)

Get the audio book here: After all, working with your animal soul is actually the best thing for you. Make your animal soul your partner in your journey. If you can convey that message to your animal soul, you can pretty much guarantee that you can convey that message to anyone else. First and foremost,…

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Tony Horton and Matisyahu Goren How Exercise Affects Your Brain.

55: Tony Horton: How Exercise Affects Your Brain

Tony Horton is the wildly popular creator of the best-selling fitness series: P90X®, P90X2®, P90X3®, and Ten Minute Trainer®, and most recently his 22-Minute military inspired workout, 22 Minute Hard Corps®. Tony is a world-class motivational speaker and the author of top-selling books “Bring It”, Crush It!” and his latest motivational book, “The Big Picture”…

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matisyahu goren, john whitehill, trish whitehill, darrow garrett, amir garrett, steve campbell on episode 50 of the long short way podcast.

50: The Long Short Way To Episode 50

On Episode 50, we have me, Matisyahu Goren, with three of his coaches and mentors talking about where The Long Short Way is coming from, the importance of having a mission and being healthy, and where we are going from here. S. John Whitehill is an investment banker who I met one year ago at an…

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41: How Fitness Can Push Your Godly Mission

Rabbi Manis Friedman and Matisyahu Goren discuss how Coach Steve Campbell can educate about Health in a way that does not emphasize the vanity, but the service of God. Join our thriving community at Get a Free Audiobook from Amazon

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36: Steve Campbell: From the Projects to Pro Sports, My Journey in Perspective

In episode 36, Matisyahu Goren and The Long Short Way interview Professional sports coach of All Stars across all leagues and former rapper, Steve Campbell. Campbell grew up in Arkansas in an area he refers to as the “projects” and the “ghetto” and discovered how to rise above his background and propel is life forward in…

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Tamir Goodman is called the jewish jordan for being an orthodox jewish basketball superstar.

10: Tamir Goodman: How to Let Faith Guide Your Life

Five years ago, I was dragged to a Jewish retreat in San Diego. They kept telling me you have to come Tamir Goodman is speaking about how he stood up for his faith as a basketball player. I am so grateful that I actually attended because I would not be here right now without it…

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1: Samaki Walker: How to be a Champion and Win at the Sport of Life

Samaki Walker is a retired 6′ 9″ NBA Champion power forward, who was selected ninth overall by the 1996 NBA Draft. He played alongside Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan, two future hall of famers who retired this year.  He played for Phil Jackson, coach of the Bulls and Lakers, with a record amount of 11…

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