manis friedman and matisyahu goren on the long short way talking about passover.

Bonus: Manis Friedman: How to Approach the Election in a Spiritual Way

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matisyahu goren

Basketball Guru Turned Chassidic Jew Interviews Experts in Spirituality, Relationships, Business, Fitness, and Personal Development.

  • Suzanne Seitz


  • Robyn McLaughlin

    Great podcast. Yesterday I told myself to stop thinking big and think more narrow so I can accomplish something, and you mention we all need to think big. Hmmm.

  • m weiss

    Thank You!! a little bit light in this crazy election days
    i got totaly taken away with stupid politics till i saw this podcast that reminded me a little bit of who i am and what i have to do here in this world thanks!

  • matisyahu goren

    Thanks for the compliment and sharing.

    What do you want to accomplish?

  • Karine Attar

    So inspiring! This created a shift in my perspective on life.