Manis Friedman answers questions about what Donald Trump means for America and the world on The Long Short Way with Matisyahu Goren.

Manis Friedman: Now That Donald Trump has Won

(Pittsburgh, Pa) 11/9/2016 by Matisyahu Goren Listen on iTunes: Download Stitcher: America did not expect this. People thought it was not possible for him to win. People are calling Trump a monster. He is getting compared to hitler. Kids have been told all of these things and parents do not know what to tell their children now, or…

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11: Amanda Rivera: How to be a Go Giver and Loving Entrepreneur

Hey there it is your friend, Matisyahu Goren, here to provide another expert for you to learn from. Have you ever wondered – How come one person who went to college, but became an entrepreneur and has been successful can do it and I can not? Or, maybe you think being an entrepreneur is some…

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manis friedman and matisyahu goren on the long short way talking about passover.

Bonus: Manis Friedman: How to Approach the Election in a Spiritual Way

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Tamir Goodman is called the jewish jordan for being an orthodox jewish basketball superstar.

10: Tamir Goodman: How to Let Faith Guide Your Life

Five years ago, I was dragged to a Jewish retreat in San Diego. They kept telling me you have to come Tamir Goodman is speaking about how he stood up for his faith as a basketball player. I am so grateful that I actually attended because I would not be here right now without it…

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manis friedman and matisyahu goren on the long short way talking about passover.

9: Manis Friedman: How to Heal and Bring the World Together

SOUNDCLOUD STITCHER Favorite Principle  “The Key To Bringing The World Together Is Our Relationships” This episode was extremely important to me. 6 years ago I went to a program that Manis was teaching at in Miami. My life was changed forever. It is the way that he is able to converse about G-d and how…

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Kosha Dillz is an american jewish rapper who speaks about the power of vulnerability and how freestyle rap can change your life.

8: Kosha Dillz: The 12 Steps and The Power of Vulnerability

Kosha Dillz is an American Jewish rapper. He has performed with Snoop Dogg, Matisyahu, and The Wu Tang Clan. He speaks for businesses, schools, and other organizations about his story of overcoming addiction, getting out of jail, and free styling, so to speak, his way to a successful career full of impact and meaning teaching…

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simon jacobson

7: Simon Jacobson: How To Discover Your Purpose and Live A Life With Meaning

Listen On Stitcher Simon Jacobson is the author of the best-selling book Toward a Meaningful Life, expert of living with purpose, and heads The Meaningful Life Center, which bridges the secular and the spiritual, through a wide variety of live and on-line programming. Simon Jacobson is one of the greatest scholars and sought after speakers in…

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Rabbi and CEO Mendel Duchman

6: Rabbi Mendel Duchman: On The Greatest CEO and New Year’s Resolutions

Listen On Stitcher  Rabbi Mendel Duchman is a CEO, Rabbi, Coach, Speaker, and flat out inspirational friend of the world. Favorite Principle “It is not about how to survive – but how to thrive” Takeaway Thoughts How To Have A Great New Year Rosh Hashanah is like control alt delete – it is a brand…

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CEO of J Commerce Group Who Loves Opportunities

5: David Perelman: How To Work On Yourself and Monetize Opportunities

Listen on Soundcloud As CEO of the JCommerce Group, David Perelman’s focus is on long term opportunities and their value over the short term gains and is driven by his team’s growth and success. Having countless tasks across all departments thrown his way daily, David manages to complete these as well as his regular duties,…

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4: Peter Himmelman: How to Unlock Creativity and Conquer Your Fear

Peter Himmelman is an American Rockstar who has led an extensive solo career where he was signed by Island Records, featured on mtv, and grammy nominated while meeting the Lubavitcher Rebbe and becoming a Chassidic Jew. Himmelman is also the founder of Big Muse, a company which helps individuals and organizations such as McDonalds and…

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