I’m Matisyahu Goren. A husband and father who is passionate about internalizing learning and taking action. I want to do my part in transforming the world into a dwelling place for God.


I host inspiring guests, get real answers, take massive action, and share it on The Long Short Way Podcast and blog. Life is full of blessings right now.

Here are principles they believe in:

    1. You can recognize your relationship with God.
    2. You can learn how to wake up and give it your best shot.
    3. You can succeed in business and make God proud.
    4. Marriage is the greatest gift.
    5. Learning is great.
    6. Creativity is something that can be unlocked.
    7. A great physical life is possible with minimum effort.

I believe in this and I hope that if you do too, you will listen to these episodes, take something from it, and do something with it then when you hear people asking questions refer them to an episode they should listen to. Together we can speed up the day that we live every moment for, which is the coming of the Messiah. The purpose of being alive.

– Matisyahu, Student of The Long Short Way