Rabbi Bregman on Foundations of Success and The Long Short Way with Matisyahu Goren

27: Rabbi Bregman: Foundation for Success

The foundation for success differs from one person to the next. What you define as success will differ from what you neighbor defines as success. So, if success is ever-changing from one person to another, how do you find success for yourself? What does success look like and, more importantly, what steps can you take to reach it?


Rabbi Bregman suggests that you find success by breaking down your goals into smaller, more manageable parts. It’s easy to say that you want to do this or that you aspire to do that, but there is more to reaching those dreams and goals once you’ve taken your first step. Regardless of what your goals in life are, they often cannot be achieved in a single step. So, how do you manage your goals more effectively?


Setting Goals

According to Rabbi Bregman, life need not be an either-or situation. After all, we all have the same amount of time in each day. The question is what are we going to do with that time? How are we going to spend that time to build on our success in life?  It’s about learning how to become efficient and maximizing that time as much as possible, and there are two main ways to do this.

  • Know yourself well
  • Know your core strengths and weaknesses


The more you know yourself and your own strengths and weakness, the more you can adapt to how you approach the challenges that lay ahead. The key is to break your main goal down into smaller, bite-size goals or targets and aim for those instead. Doing so will pave the way to the next step in your foundation for success.


What is the foundation for success?

The foundation for success is a road to achieving greatness according to what your personal goals are. Other people have created their successes in the world. So, what approach did they use for their success? After all, successful people are not born successful. Rather, they become successful by creating manageable targets to reach their goals.


There is something that can be learned from successful people and that is by looking at how they think and the actions they took to reach their successes. If you want to emulate successful people to find your own foundation for success, worry not. There are two things common in successful people.

  • Mindset
  • Actions


Results begin with the beliefs or mindset that you have paired with the actions that you. If you change the way you think and act to emulate success, you, too, can produce results in your own sphere.


How do you think successfully?

Thinking successfully is the first step in building a strong foundation for success, but even this depends on what your dreams and goals are. When we think of success, we often don’t associate it with obsession. Obsession carries a negative connotation in society, but it can be a good thing when you are building your foundation for success. So, how do you think successfully?

  • Be obsessed. If you obsess over hitting your goal, it’s a good thing, as long as you remain ethical and moral in doing so.
  • Be committed. Without a commitment to your goal, it will always remain a goal.
  • Be resilient. Persist through the challenges that lay ahead.
  • Be malleable. Adapt yourself to see your goal through, particularly in the face of rejection.


How do you overcome the fear of rejection?

There will always be some amount of rejection in the world. Have you ever heard the phrase that it takes so many “no’s” before you reach a “yes”? Rejections are part of life, but you can overcome them if you stretch past your comfort zone and reinterpret your fear of rejection.


Can you start a business even if you already have a family?

Rabbi Bregman assures us that you can start a business at any age and at any point in time. It all depends on your mindset and persistence to act on your goals.

But, some people are more risk adverse while others are risk tolerant. What is practical for one person may not be practical for another. So, know yourself before diving in. If you are not entirely confident that you can do it, you should probably hold off.


Remember, there is a difference between doing something and just talking about it. Rabbi Bregman says that God teaches that when you have a thought, it’s not in vain. You must be motivated and inspired, but the world responds to what you do, not how you think. So, motivation is nothing unless you act on it. To create your foundation for success, you must envision something, be inspired by it, and then do it.


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